Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Parent Groups

Anyone can be sued, and without insurance, your group and your officers may be at risk. Every year, parent groups across the country face third-party liability suits or are victims of embezzlement. Having a specialized insurance plan gives your group the protection it needs.

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Do Parent Groups Really Need Insurance?

The answer is YES. No matter how well you plan, bad things can happen to good groups. These can include accidents, embezzlement, damage and theft.

PTO Today works with a best-in-class PTO insurance partner to offer parent groups like yours the right coverage for your group. We have affordable, easy-to-choose insurance packages specifically designed for the needs of PTOs, PTAs, booster clubs, and other parent groups. Our policy options cover directors & officers, property, accidents, injury, and theft.

Benefits of having PTO Insurance

Peace of Mind

With our specialized insurance policies, you can focus on what truly matters: building a stronger school community, free from the worry of unforeseen incidents.

Comprehensive Coverage

From liability to directors and officers coverage, our insurance plans are designed to cover all facets of your PTO's activities, ensuring you're prepared for any scenario.

Support & Guidance

Benefit from expert advice, ideas, and products to help you build strong school communities.

About PTO Today

With over 15 years of experience, we’re the leading source of expert advice, ideas, and products for PTO and PTA leaders. Our network of school parent groups builds strong school communities through fundraising, family events, and teacher support.

We have four distinct insurance packages that suit the needs of all parent groups, big and small. From specialized policies covering crime, property damage, directors & officers, and beyond, we've got you covered!

Why Parent Groups Choose PTO Today

“The PTO Today team was professional, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond in all realms. PTO Today is fantastic to work with and I hope to continue to work with them for many years."

-Michelle Austin, Cherry Creek School District Parents' Council President

“I would tell other leaders to trust PTO Today Insurance to come to the rescue when you are in need. Their Leader Support representatives are kind and helpful, and I am so thankful they were there when I needed them.”

Allie Justino, Temple Hill Academy

“You may find insurance through other carriers, but when it comes to being protected, PTO Today delivers the best option. They provide the most comprehensive insurance to cover PTAs, PTOs, and any school group looking to be protected.”

Julie Dion, Jefferson Elementary PTO

Ready to Protect Your Parent Group?

When you’re buying insurance, you want to make a smart purchase: one that provides your group with just the right coverage and support it needs.  We can help you make the best choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are just a parent group; who would sue us? Toggle

Unfortunately, parent teacher groups are not immune from 3rd party liability or lawsuits, even if they are incorporated. Every year, parent groups face 3rd party liability suits or are victims of embezzlement. As a parent group officer, you must ensure your group has sound practices to prevent potential problems. You should also ensure your group is covered if something bad does happen. It only takes one bad event to erase years of hard work.

Why doesn’t my school include our parent group under its policy? Toggle

In many states, school districts can’t cover parent groups because they’re independent of the school and not government entities. However, there are some school districts out there that might still cover the group under their policy. If you’re unsure, schedule a meeting with your school’s admin to get a clear understanding.

What are the most common claims that parent groups file? Toggle

General liability claims are the most common claims filed. General liability covers things such as bodily harm or property damage. Some states require higher GL limits than others. PTO Today is proud to offer the highest general liability limits ($2,000,000 per occurrence limit / $4,000,000 annual aggregate limit) of any specialty parent group insurance provider.

How reliable are the insurance carriers you use? Toggle

Bene-Marc, Inc. has over 50 years of experience administering insurance programs for the nonprofit community. Philadelphia Insurance Companies and AXIS Global Accident and Health provide coverage for the PTO program. Both companies are rated "A" by the A.M. Best's Rating.

Can any parent group purchase PTO Today insurance, and how does a group apply? Toggle

PTO Today insurance coverage extends to parent groups associated with a single school and represented by a single board. Groups can go by any acronym, PTO, PTA, HAS, PTSO, Booster Club, etc. You can apply online at and pay with a check or a credit card. If you do not wish to do that, you can download the application and send it to us via the mail. If you are associated with a parent group that serves multiple schools, please contact us for volume discounts.

When will my coverage go into effect? Toggle

Your policy can start the day after your purchase, assuming we receive the completed application, payment for your membership, and your application is approved.

Why do I need to be a PTO Today Plus member to purchase insurance? Toggle

By pooling all our members together, we can offer you exceptional coverage at a discounted rate you won't find elsewhere. As a Plus member, you'll enjoy all the exclusive benefits of being a Plus member, including downloadable access to ALL expert guides (a $332 value), a members-only library of online articles and bonus tools, and first dibs on special offers and complimentary sampling programs from our partners.

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Why Parent Groups Choose PTO Today

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PTO Today Insurance Packages & Pricing

PTO Today Insurance Packages & Pricing